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Given the knowledge that transhumance has significant advantages - from authoritative statistics - decided to follow the nature to produce pure honey.

 Bees are transported from area to area depending on the season where there are beekeeping plants blooming period.

So bees find their own food without the need of power by humans. Switching from gyreodotika plants honeydew and vice versa ensures growth in the flock, but also produce high quality beekeepers.

"Sweet - Bitter" was the characteristic expression of our grandparents wanting to emphasize the importance of the chestnut pollen and SOUSOURO is bitter and immediately transported to the pine forests for the production of honey and soon after in other bee plants for brood development.

All these efforts to produce high quality products seem to the observer perception is laborious. We - the whole family to enjoy because we love what we do!

The ABATON company has dual headquarters in Chalkidiki and New Redesto Thessaloniki. Although we beekeepers many generations back in time our company was officially founded in 1990 and got its name from the no-go areas of the Greek countryside which they visit to collect honey. The company members are from our family.

Carrying on a remarkable family tradition in the production of honey, with all that this implies in knowledge, we understood that in order to grow as a company must first of all be a taste and harmonious cooperation with nature and above all with the bee.

Today, our beekeeping unit consists of 600 cells, 2 beekeeping lorries owned facilities 500 sq.m. and honey packaging workshop fully equipped.

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The equipment that I need to add my beekeeping library and the accumulated experience we have gained from the management of the apiary.

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  ABATON:  The first Certified Greek Organic Honey.
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