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  • Bee is an equal partner


    Bee is an equal partner.

    We take care of her health, for the installation of a warm place in the winter and cool in summer, for transport in melissovokes rich in pollen and nectar for food during a period of misery for protection from pesticides.

    This ensures us giving us their products. Honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis.

    If you do not behave like an equal partner and remove all the honey, or do not make the appropriate treatments, the time will come that the hive will die from hunger and we will not have where to get honey next year.



    Cholomontas (called Ypsizon term) is a mountain of Halkidiki with a maximum altitude of 1,165 meters. It is the highest mountain of Halkidiki and covers almost the entire eastern and central parts of the county.

    Covered dense vegetation and a large part of the mountain is part of the network Natura 2000. On foot ofHolomontas lies our village (Paleochora), which is the seat of our company.erica, arbutus, Paliouri, chestnut, linden, oak, myrrh and ladanies, are few of the mosaic of 1051 different species of the plant kingdom that adorn the Holomontas.

  • Great Lavra Monastery

    HOLY MOUNTAIN. "Athos"

    Our apiary is located in the Great Lavra 2.30 hour drive away from the port of Dafni.

    Since beekeeping view the Chestnut Mount Athos different from any other Kastania in other parts of Greece. The abundant pollen collected by bees throughout the duration of flowering, the rich nectar combined with flowering time due to sloping terrain makes the colonies have a growth spurt.

  • Beles


    Beles extends from west to east, starting with low soft curves on the shores of Lake Doirani and ending up in the Struma reaches the narrow Koula, who split from Mount Hooks (where the Roupel Fortress) and, further east, Mount Mt.

    Its length is about 50 km. The rocks, crystalline form beautiful slopes to irrigate abundant streams. Its highest peak reaches 2,031 m. (Anonymous). New tri where the Greek border, Serbia and Bulgaria from the First World War has a height of 1,883 m. And the top Istinmpei 1,339 m.



    In full of pines island of Thassos in August and September, we collect the honey pine. When the island we now call Thassos was discovered by early settlers, they were covered with rich

    (Abundant) mixed broadleaf forest and pine.

    In lower areas near the sea, extensive wetlands filled with eels and birds reached inside until

    wild ravines with running water throughout the year. An imposing natural landscape which is praised by

    Herodotus and other classical writers.

  • MOUNTAIN Mainalo

    ΙΝ MOUNTAIN Mainalo

    The mountain of Menalo (1980 maximum altitude) occupies the center of the Peloponnese and the greater part of Arcadia, main western side. It extends from the plateau of Tripoli until Lousios River to the west and from Megalopolis until Ladonas north, in an area of ​​approximately 1,500,000 acres. The purely mountainous area exceeds 700,000 hectares and makes it one of the most extensive mountain ranges of Greece.

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