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Honey Fir Vanilla


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  • Honey Fir Vanilla
    Honey Fir Vanilla

The most rare Pine Honey is the Fir Honey of Mainaloy known as Banilias (vanilla). It comes from the black fir forest of Mainalo in Arcadia, Greece, and is famed for its flavor and for the small concentration of sugars. It is a unique honey with a Protected Name of Origin (POP), and it received a gold medal in Paris in 1996. It is an uncommon category of honey, with fantastic flavor and a perfume suggestive of candy or vanilla. This type of honey has problems with fluctuations in production. It has less moisture than other honeys, and because of its alkalinity,(i.e. high pH), it never crystallizes .

Honey Fir Mainalo Vanilla is the only Greek honey with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). Produced by black trees of Mount Mainalon in Arkadia and is a product renowned for its taste and low concentration of sugar. It is light and resembles something between candy (pearl) and vanilla.

Honey is not collected from the flowers but from a honeydew (resin) that produce some microorganisms in the trunk of the black fir.

Another unique feature is that because of the low content of glucose (below 30%) never crystallize, even after years.

The extraction of the honey is extremely difficult and costly because the destruction of the honeycomb required. For this reason, the production is very small and only few local beekeepers deal with it.

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