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Forest honey


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  • Forest honey
    Forest honey

 First in antioxidant activity in Greek dasomelo

"Balm" for the human body is the Greek Forest honey. It emerged as the best quality and the largest (up to fourfold) antioxidant activity of all those of other countries studied in an international comparative research conducted with the participation of 29 scientists from 17 different countries.

The results of long research, which lasted two years, will be announced at the World Congress for the honey to be held from 7 to 10 April in Chania.

The Greek Forest honey (honey fir, pine, oak, chestnut, etc.), corresponding to 75% of Greek honey production, entered the "microscope" of scientists, along with dasomela other countries, such as Austria and Germany, which produce larger quantities of the honey from the forest.


Data analyzes from each country gathered and sent to the coordinator of international research, Professor Laboratory of Apiculture Sericulture AUTH, A. Thrasivoulou, who did their comparative analysis.

The analyzes showed that the Greek dasomelo has up to four times higher antioxidant activity than honeydew honeys from other countries.

In the next phase is expected to be new surveys will seek the causes of the findings, which are estimated to be found in the production process both to climatic conditions and the species of insect honeydew.

The dasomelo or honeydew from the parasites of pine, fir and other forest trees that suck the sap and then excrete them in the form of droplets. The foraging bees suck the honeydew from the body of the pest or the leaves of trees and transfer the cells which after a complex treatment produced honey.

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  Σχετική εικόνα  
  Σχετική εικόνα  
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