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Heath (sousoura)


Heath (sousoura)
Heath (sousoura)
Organic farming product Package: 960 + 460g
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  • Heath (sousoura)
    Heath (sousoura)

Called "Sousourisio". It is a product with high nutritional value, so it is available in Europe from shops Healthy Food.

Excellent honey for children with anemia and for seniors. A bit of honey is enough to reclaim literally. The reikomelo has the unique ability to cast cholesterol.

Scientific research shows that honey heath or heather, displays antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, with emphasis in the urinary and digestive system.

It has odor and flavor characteristic I like particularly demanding consumers.

Crystallize quickly in one to three months. It is dark and after crystallization receives a reddish appearance.

In the 2012 survey found that honey from the heather plant had the highest phenol content. Also, the high amount of honey heather antioxidant helps to remove the free radicals produced as a result of metabolic reactions and interactions with external environmental contaminants. The elimination of these free radicals prevents aging and improves overall health.

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