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Honey with honeycomb


Organic farming product Package: 400g
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  • Honey with honeycomb
    Honey with honeycomb

The honeycomb, comes mushroom cell, cut into pieces, placed in the packaging and consumed as such.

Chewing on, honey exits the mouth while enjoying wax and honey with all therapeutic and nutritional properties of the honeycomb.


The wax is produced by special glands of bees and serves basic construction of hexagonal kelioon, which store honey, pollen and royal jelly. Roughly, a waxy 20gr structure can withstand the weight 1000gr honey. The wax used by bees to cover ripe honey has antibiotic substances that enable it to preserve the honey.

The honeycomb is 100% natural product with great beneficial properties for the stomach and the body.

Chewing on, honey melts in your mouth, and the wax leaves the distinctive taste of the beneficial properties of the teeth, gums and stomach.

 therapeutic Properties

Honey Honeycomb has proved highly effective in the treatment of gastritis and gastric ulcer.

He kalyntikes properties.

The wax of the honeycomb is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, containing antibiotics and exhibits strong immunogenicity.

The wax also displays evgertikes properties against chronic mastitis, eczema, burns and wound healing, the dermatitis, folliculitis, skin pimples, caries and oulitida.

  Chemical Analysis honeycomb

The complete chemical composition of the wax is still unknown. However, many known substances identified: proteins, vitamins, minerals, various esters, hydrocarbons, fatty acids, alcohols, etc.

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